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OCAPP HomepageEnvironmental Management Systems


Environmental Management Systems and P2

An Environmental Management System (EMS) is defined as a continual cycle of planning, implementing, reviewing and improving the actions that an organization takes to meet its environmental obligations. Most EMS's today are based on the recently issued ISO 14001 Standard. Pollution prevention is an integral component of an EMS. P2 allows flexibility, effective long term planning and increases efficiency.

An EMS provides a framework for organizations or businesses that are interested in continually improving environmental performance. Through this framework, environmental stewardship becomes the responsibility of all employees not just the environmental department and is integrated into everyday business operations. EMS offers organizations a method and opportunity to systematically establish and achieve pollution prevention objectives for superior environmental performance.

The Ohio EPA Office of Compliance Assistance and Pollution Prevention is committed to helping companies reduce pollution at the source. OCAPP would like to help your company with the waste reduction components of your EMS. OCAPP has developed several programs that can help your company reduce waste and reduce costs.

Please see also: P2 and Quality, - Information on Total Quality Environmental Management (TQEM)


OCAPP is dedicated to helping your business locate sources of funding for pollution prevention projects. From low interest loans to grants, our staff will make sure that your company gets whatever financial funding is available for your project.

Technical Assistance

OCAPP's staff offer technical assistance to help you find the best pollution prevention technology available for your particular business or process. We can also assist you with waste exchanges and other P2 options that can reduce your regulatory burden.

P2 Assessments

OCAPP offers free P2 Assessments. OCAPP Technical Assistance providers will come to your facility and review processes and practices and recommend any improvements or new technology that can assist you in implementing P2 and enhancing your EMS.

More Information about Environmental Management Systems

Click Here for more information on Environmental Management Systems. Includes links to guidance documents, case studies assistance organizations and more.

Office of Compliance Assistance and Pollution Prevention
Ohio Environmental Protection Agency
P.O. Box 1049
Columbus, Ohio 43216-1049
Phone (614) 644-3469
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E-Mail: p2mail@epa.state.oh.us

page last updated: December 2006


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