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Ohio EPA Office of Compliance Assistance and Pollution Prevention Main Page

Directory for Wood Waste and Pallet Recyclers / Reuse / Grinding Operations Located in Ohio


This Wood Pallet Recycling Directory contains wood waste and pallet recyclers located in Ohio. We have included all facilities known to us, however, this Directory is not inclusive of all wood reuse operations. OCAPP also provides a list of Metal and Plastic Pallet Manufacturers and a guide to Pallet Managment. If you have corrections, or wish to be added to this directory, please contact Nancy Moore at 614-644-2928. Inclusion on this list does not constitute an endorsement by Ohio EPA.

Wood Waste and Pallet Reuse and Recovery

Wood Waste and Pallet Reuse and Recovery

non-wood pallets

Plastic, Metal and Cardboard Pallet Manufacturers/Recyclers

Managing Pallets

Pallet Management

The types of wood wastes that each facility accepts are not listed in the Directory as facilities may accept a variety of wood wastes or change business practices in accepting different types and/or quantities of wastes since the Directory was published. It is recommended that those seeking information on wood/pallet recyclers call the facility located nearest them to determine the types, quantities, and price for this service. In some instances, facility operators will travel some distance to pick up and remove wood waste.

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page last updated: November 24, 2004


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